The Seminole Reservation

Seminole rez

Disclaimer: In reality, the Seminole Nation is actually a financially solvent Native American tribe, and not at all suffering from poverty or self-imposed isolation. Any misrepresentation of them that is made herein is purely fictitious, and for entertainment purposes only.

Fiercely independent and mistrustful of outsiders the Seminole Nation is only Native American tribe in existence that has never signed any form of peace treaty with the United States Government, and they remain very proud of that fact to this very day.

The Seminole Reservation is extremely poor and dilapidated: a land of broken roads, broken promises, and Government-issue cheese. The locals are distrustful of outsiders, and hostile towards Caucasian visitors.

“The Rez” consists of a small main street, which includes a general store, small businesses and restaurants, a library, a public square, and a town-hall building. Most of the buildings are old and run-down, and almost all of them could use a fresh coat of paint.

Unlike the Miccosukee, the Seminoles do not have a casino of their own – partly because they haven’t managed to scrape together the cash to build one, and partly because the tribal elders would prefer near-starvation to hawking their culture (the only thing the tribe has left) to white tourists.

The Seminole Reservation

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