The Neptune Society

Command ashore

The Ocean calls to me, and now I answer her. I forsake the treachery of land for the stability of the Eternal Sea, and vow to forever defend her against those who would abuse her hospitality. From the sea I came, and to the sea I return.

Modus Operandi: Founded in the days of Ancient Rome, the Neptune Society has spent more than two millennia keeping sailors (and occasionally land-dwellers) safe from the horrors of the Deep, and making aquatic travel within the Hedge safe for Changelings.

In recent decades, however, the Society has reversed its original goal, and been working instead to keep the oceans safe from Man. With increased pollution and development, overfishing, and global warming lurking on the horizon, the Society fears that Man has angered Mother Ocean, and that she may soon strike back at her wayward children, to remind them of her terrible power. A tide of mysticism has engulfed the Society: many Aquagraphers speak of Mother Ocean with as much awe and fear as they would when speaking of their own Keepers. New-Age beliefs about the ocean’s “spiritual field” being “out of whack” are commonly held as true within the Society. Some go so far as to actually worship the Ocean, though the Society views this as an unhealthy outlook, and tries to discourage it in general.

Titles: Aquagraphers, Frogmen (derogatory), Flotsam (derogatory)

Prerequisites: Must possess some natural affinity with water (e.g., Swimmerskin, Water-Dweller, Waterborn, mermaid Fairest, etc.), because only those with the sea in their blood can ever truly understand her. Applicants must be Courtless, since Mother Ocean must come before Courtly politics.

Joining: A Changeling who wishes to join the Neptune Society must participate in a mystical ceremony in which he or she recants their former allegiances of clan, country, and Court (if any), and swears “to serve the First Mother in all things.” This is followed by a ceremonial “drowning” in a pool of salt water (or in the ocean itself, if at all possible), to symbolize the initiate’s “rebirth” into their new family.

Mien: Aquagraphers frequently smell salty, or like fish. Often seem to be dripping seawater, as if recently emerged from a dive. Features of sea-animals and sea-plants are the rule rather than the exception.

Background: Because of their rule about “having the sea in your blood”, all Aquagraphers had Durances which were in some way aquatic. Perhaps they were pulled into a pond by a Kappa or Jenny Greenteeth, or enticed to marry a Selkie lass. Maybe they were sailors on an unearthly vessel, or were dragged into the very deepest, darkest reaches of the Abyss. This experience was (obviously) painful, but the ocean never brings back bad memories for the Aquagraphers; it was the Gentry who took them, not the sea. The Ocean is their father, mother, lover and savior.

Organization: The Society’s militant stance makes for tight, rigid organization. Many have military titles, especially naval ones, such as “Commodore” or “Admiral”. The Society has a chapter in almost every major seaport in the world, and most of the larger rivers as well. There are even a few chapters in major freshwater bodies, such as Lake Victoria in Africa, Lake Baikal in Russia, and the Great Lakes in North America.

Concepts: Evangelical diving enthusiast, sea-worshipping New-Ager, militant environmentalist, idealistic crusader, strong-armed guardian of the seas.

Aqualung (Token ●●)
Mien: Archaic SCUBA gear, worn and slightly rusty with many years of exposure to salt-water, though all its parts are in working order.
Effect: Normally, the tank only contains as much air as an average SCUBA set, about an hour’s worth of air. When activated, it contains an infinite amount of air, though divers should be warned that it does not protect against the bends, hypothermia, or being tracked by the bubbles rising from your mouthpiece.
Drawback: The user begins to feel so at home in the ocean that it becomes difficult to leave, even as health complications (such as hypothermia) arise. The user must make a Resolve + Composure roll to leave the water. Every half-hour spent using the Token (after activation) levies a -1 penalty to the roll. If the subject’s friends attempt to drag her to the surface, she will fight them to the best of her ability.
Catch: The Aquagrapher is using the Token to catch someone who has somehow harmed the ocean.

The Neptune Society

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