The Deep


Much like the world which it separates from Arcadia, large portions of the Hedge are aquatic in nature. Changeling sailors refer to these areas as the Deep-Hedge, or more commonly, “The Deep”.

The Deep is a strange and unpredictable place, though many changelings wrongly assume that something that’s mainly large and flat can’t hold too many surprises.

Since there generally aren’t convenient floating gateways to pass through, like the common land-based points of entry to the Hedge, one typically enters or exits the Deep by expending a point of Glamour at watery thresholds: while breaking the surface of the water, at dawn and dusk on the open sea, in estuaries where freshwater meets saltwater, or just as a ship passes out of sight of land.

Denizens of the Deep include Stimmies, glumfish, Deepsharks, and other, darker things.

The Deep

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