The Bayside Market

Black market by kaesestrahler d47bi23

Every Saturday from the witching hour till dawn, the Bayside Marketplace becomes a haven for nightmares. Goblin barges, poled by strange creatures from the depths of the Hedge, dock along the deserted quays to hawk their wares. Most weeks, the Market is fairly small… but every new moon night, hundreds, of goblin watercraft converge on the bay, lay anchor, and run gangplanks from dock to dock. In this floating warren of mazelike walkways, an innumerable bounty of goblin fruits, tokens, and dreamscapes are bought and sold, alongside wares even stranger and more surreal.

Despite being so closely tied to such and earthly locale, the Market actually takes place in the Hedge, albeit very close to the mortal realm. On the smaller market nights, each barge sets up a simple, empty door-frame on the dock; patrons walk the pier in the mortal realm and step into the Hedge at each Market stall to inspect the wares.

On the nights of the grander market, those who know the Key can enter the Hedge by passing under an archway near the water while holding a finger bent like a shepherd’s crook over the heart. These larger markets are a dizzying affair to navigate. One urban legend among members of the Trident holds that part of the market’s Charter states that the Others may take any unfortunate who gets lost amid the shifting mass of decks, planks and rope bridges. Prudent changelings hire and experienced guide, or just avoid the market altogether on those nights – just in case.

The Bayside Market

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