Sun Life Stadium

During the early days of Naamah‘s reign, after she had proven that she might have some longevity in a leadership role, Grandfather Thunder extended a gift of goodwill to the new Autumn Queen: a new stadium for the University of Miami Hurricanes. It benefited all parties: Summer got to show off its strength and clout in Muggle politics, the Trident got a plentiful new source of Glamour and entertainment, and Autumn got a shiny new venue for their much-vaunted football team. (Some cynics point out that Naamah never asked for the gift to be given, and couldn’t have refused Thunder’s highly public goodwill gesture without seriously offending the Iron Spear.)

The new stadium, which replaced the aging Orange Bowl Stadium in Little Havana, was appropriately christened “Sun Life Stadium.”

Though it was a gift to the Court of Fear, one of the conditions of the gift was that the stadium and its grounds remained neutral territory. No changeling may harm another changeling, or a mortal, anywhere on the grounds, without suffering the wrath of the entire freehold. The Glamour it produces is far too valuable to be jeopardized by violence and petty Court politics.

Administration of the stadium is overseen by the Magistrates of the Waxen Mask.

Stadium Rules:
1. No entering or exiting the Hedge anywhere in the stadium or on its grounds.
2. No displays of vulgar magic. Even if the Muggles don’t see.
3. No weapons.
4. No violence.
5. Nothing that would attract the notice of the police or security.

Sun Life Stadium

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