AnthroPC – These individuals know cyberspace better than their own neighborhoods. Jack In: AnthroPCs can pass from their own dreamscape into the digital dreams of humanity. AnthroPCs can craft for themselves (not others) a special dreamscape connected to the Internet. They do not require wi-fi or cell reception to do so. In this special dreamscape they may access any portion of the Internet as if using a computer, with an equipment bonus equal to their Wyrd. (Iif a website requires the user login to view it, they would need to have a valid account, or may attempt to hack the server as normal.)

Barnstormer – Aerial daredevils who risk their lives for the simple thrill of danger. Their Surefooted Stance gives them +3 dice on any exceptionally dangerous action (i.e., failure would result in three or more points of lethal damage). Additionally, they take no penalty from fear related to heights or falling.

Brazen – Tireless bronze servants and bodyguards, cast from molds first shaped in Ancient Greece and Egypt. Unblinking Sentinel: The Brazen are adept at performing routine actions, such as patrolling or guarding a location, and therefore benefit from the 9-again rule when performing familiar actions or working form rote memorization. While this blessing is active, they do not suffer from boredom, distraction, or wandering thoughts.

Buckshee – These living supply depots have always seem to have a little extra ammo on hand. A Buckshee can spend a point of Glamour to Resupply any empty magazine or weapon with fresh ammo. The rounds are of the standard type for the weapon in question, no matter what kind had been fired from it previously (for example, this blessing could not be used to generate custom-made hollow-points, tracer rounds, silver bullets, or other exotic ammunition). The bullets vanish instantly if the magazine is opened.

Cyclist – These simple machines are able to use their Flywheel to triple their Speed when doing nothing but running during their turn, instead of the normal doubling. This ability stacks with the “Fleet of Foot” merit.

Earthmover- Hardworking tractors, bulldozers, and monster-trucks who pull and push with Boundless Vigor: by spending a point of Glamour, they can add their Wyrd to dice pools related to pushing, pulling, dragging, or plowing-through any heavy object or structure.

Golem – Humanoids shaped from clay or ceramics, baked hard by their durance in Faerie. They work tirelessly, until they fall from exhaustion. Golems possess Unnatural Constitution: For a point of Glamour, a Golem can turn their penalties from pain into commensurate bonuses to all physical actions. In effect, they fight harder when they’re closest to death.

Gyro-Dancer – Their Unfailing Stability grants them +2 against being tripped, knocked down, thrown, or turned around.

Lodestone – Like human compasses, these magnetically-charged individuals can always “feel” magnetic north, and can use their Homing Sense to gain +2 against getting lost or misreading maps, directions, street signs, landmarks, and even navigating only by starlight or the position of the sun. This ability stacks with the Direction Sense merit, and allows the Lodestone to know the distance to as well as the direction of Hedge-features revealed by the Pathfinder clause. In the Hedge, activating their Homing Sense allows the Lodestone to remain constantly aware of exactly where they entered the Hedge, and how to get back to that same opening.

Manytool – These walking toolboxes always seem to have whatever tool is required for the job at hand. Whenever they lack the tools necessary for a specialized task, from making minor repairs to picking locks, they can MacGyver any part of their body (typically the hands) into the whatever tool they require. This tool provides a +1 equipment bonus, but owing to its small size and specialized nature, it invariably proves ineffectual in combat. Manytools also gain a free Specialty in Larceny at character creation.

Motorhead – Their greasy and calloused hands are far more nimble then they appear, allowing them to use Duct Tape and WD-40 to gain a +2 bonus to repair any vehicle. Even models with which they have no prior experience soon yield to their skillful touch.

Steamstrong – Changelings powered by the irrepressible force of steam, they always find a way out of even the tightest situations. For every turn in which they receive damage but but do not attack, the Steamstrong can Bottle Up the force of these blows. After building up pressure, on their next physical action they get a +1 bonus per turn of pressure, to a maximum of their Wyrd rating.

Tansu – After acting as living furniture to the Gentry, these changelings have access to Storage Space: they can store a number of small items (Size 1 or 0) equal to their Wyrd in extra-dimensional “drawers” within their bodies, and recall them at will. These drawers cannot be opened without their knowledge and consent, and it is impossible to tell how many drawers a given Tansu may have just by looking, or how many of them might be full.

Tiktok – The gear-people, with limbs of brass and hearts of clockwork. Wind-Up: with the expenditure of a point of Glamour, when a teammate or friend spends a turn winding them up (during which the Tiktok is defenseless and unconscious, but still able to stand), they gain +3 bonus dice to any physical action on their first turn after being wound, +2 on their next physical action after that, and one bonus die on their third turn.

Zapper – Once per scene per point of Wyrd, when making skin-to-skin contact with another person, a Zapper may burn a point of Glamour to discharge a Stunning Shock, by rolling Dexterity + Wyrd. Each success deals a point of bashing damage. If successes are equal to or exceed the target’s Size, then the target falls unconscious.


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