Widow Mactan

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Quote: “How can I help you, my dear?”

Background: Rumors abound about the Widow’s true origin. The players may learn of some of these rumors as the story continues.

Description: At first glance, the Widow Mactan seems every inch a beautiful human woman. Her skin is pale, offset by thick black hair that has been woven into intricate braids down her back. Her lips are blood red, and often drawn up into a sweet smile of concern directed at those who enter the silk-curtained canopy that serves as her stall in the Market.

A second look, however, reveals several disturbing features about the Widow. Although they are often concealed beneath her voluminous floor-length skirts, Mactan moves around on four long, black, chitinous legs, each ending in a sharp point. In addition to two graceful humanoid arms, she has four shiny black cartilage-covered limbs that extend from either side along her upper spine and end in delicate pincers which the Widow can use to manipulate objects. She keeps a close eye on her stall in the Market, a task that is facilitated by the presence of no less than eight tiny black, faceted eyes set in two clusters on an otherwise beautiful human face. Her elegant waist is impossibly small; some claim this is a result of extreme corsetry, while others believe that beneath her elegant ball gowns her body is far more arachnid than outward appearances would suggest.

Storytelling Hints: Unlike many Goblin Market merchants, Widow Mactan seems genuinely interested in the happiness of her clientele. She is personable, sweet-natured and kind, a bastion of compassion and concern in the brutal Market environment.



Widow Mactan

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