Strong Matthew

Unstoppable force.


Quote: “Get back here, you little shit! I’m not done with you!”

Background: Matthew and his compatriot, Mark Stalwart, escaped Arcadia together. They compliment each other so well that neither can imagine life without the other; a complex, hidden net of psychological checks and balances

They met John St. Elmo and Quiet Luke in the course of their work for the Summer Court, and quickly formed a motley with them. Since then, they have run errands and done odd jobs for the King of the City of Endless Summer, everything from harvesting Goblin Fruit to breaking the legs of those who betray the Crimson Court.

Description: Where his compatriot is bulky, Matthew tends towards a sinewy, wiry-tough build. He is a bit taller than Mark, and most of his muscle resides in his arms and shoulders. Matthew prefers to take the fight to his enemies, and carries a small sledgehammer which faithfully assists him in that endeavor.

In his fae mien, Matthew’s skin takes on greenish-tan cast, and is covered with scratchy thickets of dark body-hair. His jaw is enormous, with a pronounced under-bite, and stubby fangs which protrude from under his lower lip. Many in the Trident say that his bite is worse than his bark, which is a daunting prospect indeed.

His neck, already thick in his Mask, is in truth nearly as large as his formidable arms, each of which is easily the size of a normal man’s thigh.

Storytelling Hints: Matthew is easily excitable, and he swings rapidly from one titanic passion to the next; he might have done well in the time of the Vikings, though his dark coloration suggests a more southern heritage. Matthew relies largely on the other Apostolic Knights, especially Mark, to keep him from “going too far”.


Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Gristlegrinder
Court: Summer
Entitlements: None
Motley: The Apostolic Knights

Strong Matthew

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