Graceful bodyguard to Queen Isabel


Quote: “Get back, Majesty! He’s got a knife!”

Background: Selena has been Queen Isabel‘s bodyguard and loyal servant for more than fifteen years, and has taken the rare step of renewing the Knight’s Oath with her ruler after her first tour of duty had concluded.

Description: Selena is a Greco-Romanesque beauty, graceful and dark of feature. She is sometimes mistaken for a Darkling, because of her preternatural grace and the way in which she embodies some of nighttime’s pleasanter aspects. In human form, Selena is beautiful and exotic; in her fafe mien, she’s aloof and unknowable, a fluttering nocturnal shade as fickle (and as dangerous) as the Titaness from whom she takes her name.

Storytelling Hints: Selena remains cool-headed even in the most dangerous situations. While she is more than a capable fighter, she is of the opinion that one should never face an opponent outright, and certainly not at their full strength. When taking down a mark, Selena prefers to use distraction and misdirection to disorient her foes, and then slowly whittle away at them from the shadows.


Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Airtouched
Court: True Spring
Entitlements: None


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