Monique Washington

Master-At-Arms of the S.S. Gossamer


Quote: “Y’all got clearance for that?”

Background: Seaman Washington is the Master-at-arms of the S.S. Gossamer. While the ship patrols the Deep, she patrols the ship, keeping a sharp eye out for any danger that may befall their vessel, either from mundane or supernatural sources.

Description: Monique is an athletic African-American woman in her late twenties or early thirties. When she’s on-duty, her long, intricate braids are kept tightly under her Navy cap, and she keeps her uniform very clean.

To those with the Sight to truly see her, Monique is an imposing woman, despite her relatively small stature. Her skin is striped in tan and dark brown, faintly reminiscent of a wild cat, and her body is covered in needle-sharp spines. Monique is dangerous at close and long range, thanks to her poisonous spines and her specialty with all types of firearms.

Storyteller Hints: Monique is gruff and mistrustful of those she doesn’t know well. While a general suspicion is part of her job and her character, Big Bertha seems to be the only person who can easily get past Monique’s formidable defenses.

A master-at-arms’ duties include:
- Conduct waterborne security patrols and interdiction.
- Conduct Customs operations.
- Conduct base security patrols.
- Conduct base access and entry control operations.
- Conduct aircraft and flightline security operations.
- Conduct law enforcement operations.
- Conduct Oil Platform protection.
- Conduct river security operations.
- Provide protective service to high ranking dignitaries and government officials.
- Conduct K-9 explosive and narcotics detection operations/missions.
- Perform physical security inspections.
- Conduct preliminary investigations into UCMJ violations.
- Organize and train security force personnel.
- Conduct crime prevention programs.
- Operate brigs (jails).
- Perform weapons and funds escorts.



Seeming: Beast
Kith: Venombite
Court: Courtless
Entitlements: The Neptune Society

Monique Washington

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