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History of the Trident

Early Growth, and the Big Blow

The Founding of the Trident

The Fall of the Empire

The Coup and the City of Endless Summer

Miami Today

Locations of Note

The Bayside Market

Kim’s of South Beach

The University of Miami

Freedom Tower


The Miami Circle

The Seminole Reservation

Miccosukee Resort and Casino

Sun Life Stadium

Holocaust Memorial


Mechanicals – A new Seeming based on machines and technology.

Contracts of Industry – The signature Contract of the Mechanicals.

The Frightening-Rod – A powerful defensive Token.

The Neptune Society – An insular, aquatic Entitlement.

The Bacchanalian Jesters – An Entitlement of Winter courtiers, with a decidedly Spring-like flair for parties.

The Old Boys’ Network – A network of movers-and-shakers in political arenas, both fae and mundane.

The University of Mount Pelion – Hero-trainers who vicariously spur their charges on to greatness.

The Toymakers’ Union -

Contracts of Fading Light – Deals with the negative effects that light can cause: first fascination, then confusion, and finally total disorientation.

Contracts of Eternal Light – Deals with the positive and protective aspects of light. Light gives humans a sense of guidance and safety. A fixed star to guide us, and a light to see things as they really are.

Contracts of Spellbound Light – Deals with the magical effects of light from another world. The light that shines in Arcadia is not merely passive and insubstantial; in the right or wrong hands can be used to wreak unbridled destruction. A changeling invoking these clauses channels a portion of that light into our world to his foe’s dismay.

Contracts of the Stalking Cat -



Goblin Fruits

The Deep

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