Naamah's Ring

A token of the heart.


Durability: 3
Size: 0
Structure: 3
Damage: n/a

The ring is made of flexible but sturdy black plastic, in the shape of a spider. It is identical in every respect to the kind of cheap plastic rings which children wear at Halloween.


“There’s a rumor going around the freehold that a Scarecrow Minister’s heart changes inside his chest. It becomes a contorted gourd, filled with seeds, mush, and blood. Everybody’s afraid to try it, and it seems too horrible to even contemplate, but it’s said that other strange items can be found inside a Minister’s heart: teeth, coins, rings, pieces of hematite or quartz. Only one such item lurks within the heart. It’s also said that getting this item out of the heart – while still keeping the Scarecrow alive, of course – gives you intimate power over him and his fears.”

-Changeling: The Lost (core rulebook), pg. 316

Naamah's Ring

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