Voracious, vicious vermin


Skitterrats are voracious omnivores. They will eat literally any organic matter, including fruit, insects, vegetables, decaying flesh, rotten fish, paper, cardboard, crustaceans, certain kinds of plastics, and even their own tails (on the rare occasions that their food is scarce).

Skitterrats are mean-spirited and vicious, and no amount of food can improve their disposition. More than one rat-catcher among the Lost has remarked that any healthy Skitterrat would eat the eyes out of your head even if he wasn’t hungry.

Skitterrats are more common in cities, where their natural predators are less numerous, though they live in literally every environment and climate within the Hedge where air and edible matter can be found. However, even this limited restriction is not always the case, as Skitterrats are surprisingly good swimmers, and have been known to swim for miles on the seas, lakes, and waterways of the Hedge.


While Skitterrats are not able to truly enter the dreams of mortals, their chittering and scurrying in the nearby Hedge can give nightmares to local mortals, in which rats and other vermin feature prominently.


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