Samantha Maybright

Loving-but-fierce mama-bear who runs a daycare center in West Little Havana


Quote: “If you. Ever. Come near any of my cubs again, I will claw your ass up. I will claw you up so bad you’ll shit sideways for the rest of your life.”

Background: Currently unknown to players.

Description: Samantha is a husky African-American woman with a confident and fearless bearing (har dee har har). She has broad shoulders, but her arms are warm and welcoming, to dogs and kids with boo-boos alike. Her dark hair is long and luxuriant, in odd counterpoint to the seeming plainness of her face.

Behind her Mask, Samantha is not merely “husky,” but positively bearish. Her arms are large and strong, able to crush the breath from an enemy’s body in a matter of seconds. Her small eyes make her seem un-perceptive, but her ears and nose pick up much that others miss.

Storytelling Hints: Out of the three members of her motley, Samantha is the least likely to start a fight, and the most likely to end one. She strives to keep her fae and mortal lives separate from one another, but sometimes a bit of overlap is necessary: there have been at least two incidents in which a jealous baby-daddy has tried to abscond with one of her charges from the daycare center she runs, and neither of the men is likely to recover the use of his legs anytime soon.


Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart
Court: Summer
Entitlements: None
Motley: The Kindly Ones

Samantha Maybright

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