Crusty old fan-boat mechanic.


Quote: “Huh. I hadn’t heard that particular rumor. And I don’t care. There’s a reason I live way out here."

Background: Ray is a gatekeeper of sorts for the Court of True Spring. While many of Isabel Espina’s followers have moved into the villages and hamlets that dot the swampy countryside, Ray actually makes his home in the ’Glades themselves, making a living repairing fan-boats for hunters, tourism companies, and even occasionally for the National Parks Service.

Description: Often mistaken for a Wizened, Ray is a small man, with craggy facial features which are often smeared with motor oil. His hair is stiff and bristly, and its rusty brown coloration makes his mustache look like he’s wearing a wire brush on his upper lip.

Storytelling Hints: Ray is curt and straightforward, with little patience for politics. As he’s fond of saying, he’s a loyal Queen’s man through and through, and as far as he cares, if Maria Espina and her band of party animals want to drink themselves into oblivion under Grandfather Thunder’s watchful eye, more power to them.


Seeming: Mechanical
Kith: Motorhead
Court: Spring
Entitlements: None


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