Quiet Luke

Investigator for the Apostolic Knights. (Deceased) (Died in an unfortunate stair climbing accident.)


Quote: “Hmmm.”

Background: Luke has been climbing ladders within the Court of Wrath for even longer than John St. Elmo, though he’s a lot more cautious about where he steps. As Luke is often forced to remind Mark and Matthew, “Just because Summer is strong doesn’t mean we’re stupid.”

Description: From a distance, Luke appears to be a middle-aged man in a white Panama hat, with a gnarled posture as stooped as a question-mark. Closer up, his sun-beaten skin is craggy and wrinkled, and his joints are swollen, making him look extremely old. His cautious M.O. only adds to the impression of great age, though he can move very quickly when he must.

Storytelling Hints: Luke is one of the uncommon Lost who includes mental fortitude under the purview of the Summer Court. He is a believer in the value of strength to enforce a claim, but he knows that there are many different types of strength, and physical brawn is useless without the wits to keep yourself out of a situation you can’t win head-on.


Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Oracle
Court: Summer
Entitlements: None
Motley: The Apostolic Knights

Quiet Luke

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