Old Ti

Renowned and aged houngan from Little Haiti


Quote: “Bonne soirée. Won’chou come een to Ti’s liddel ol’ shop?”

Background: Ask any resident of La Petite Haïti, and they’ll tell you that old Ti is truly one of the most respected vodouisants in the district, an houngan of considerable power and wisdom. When you’re troubled by bad dreams, he can give you a charm, a dreamcatcher, that he learned from an Ojibwa medicine man, which will give you the sweetest dreams you ever had.

Description: Old Ti is a stoop-shouldered wisp of a man in his late sixties or early seventies (he seems to change the exact figure he gives on a whim).

Storytelling Hints: Ti’s sight is starting to go, but his ears are as sharp as ever, and thanks to the nature of the work he does and the wide variety of people he sells to, he hears much of what goes on in Little Haiti.

Old Ti

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