Informant and gossip.


Quote: “Okay, okay. But you never saw me here, got it?”

Background: Nibbles is a notorious wheeler and dealer of information of all kinds, especially the unseemly stuff which, while not outright devastating, most Lost would prefer to keep under wraps, including drunken invective, racism and sexism, illicit pleasures, dirty little secrets, and visits to prostitutes of all stripes.

Description: Nibbles is a compact guy. Not fat, exactly, but still kind of “rounded” somehow.

Storytelling Hints: Nibbles is suspicious and paranoid, but a slave to his vices. He can be coaxed to say more with judicious applications of cajoling, indirect threats, and bribery.


Seeming: Beast
Kith: Strongarmor
Court: Winter
Entitlements: None


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