Strongheaded young Queen of the Autumn Court


Quote: “I have a better idea. Why don’t you shut your mouth and do what I tell you?”

Background: Queen Naamah rules the Autumn Court with an iron hand that belies her seeming youthfulness. She took power after several years without an Autumn monarch, and while her supporters say that she was chosen by the shade of Tom Hood himself, her opponents prefer to think that she was settled on simply because the Court as a whole was tired of infighting, and the other hopefuls thought that she would be the most easily controlled from behind the throne.

Description: Naamah is a tall, willowy girl who appears to be about 16 years old.

Storytelling Hints: Naamah is a quiet, calculating girl who seeks to emulate her teacher in all things.


Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Antiquarian
Court: Autumn
Entitlements: None

Hollow: house in the ’Glades. Entrance is in a private-study room on the highest level of the U of Miami graduate library.

Colonial floridian style bungalow w/ dog-trot.


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