Athletic courtier of Vichy Spring; member of Maria Espina's entourage


Quote: “Ha ha ha! With you? Oh man, you’re funny!”

Background: Swimming and snorkeling are Melissa’s favorite pastimes, though she also uses her skills in the water to “facilitate the transportation of certain accouterments” which Spring courtiers are fond of using to enhance their parties. This also allows Vichy Spring to keep their own watch on the waters around Miami Beach, without relying on the perennial losers in the Neptune Society.

Description: Melissa is an arrestingly attractive woman, with flowing waves of golden hair which falls halfway down her back. While long hair is very unusual in a swimmer, it never seems to impede her movement in the water.

To fae observers, Melissa is a long-legged beauty, and not merely in a purely human sense: any ichthyologist would call her “an ideal specimen”, and more than a few would express a desire to preserve and “mount” said specimen. She resembles the mermaids of legend, but with a semi-tropical twist: her fins are long and translucent, and her bright coloration catches the eye just as well as it distracts and confuses potential predators.

Storytelling Hints: For all her beauty, Melissa is not a forgiving person. She tends to judge quickly and harshly, and has little time for those who cannot help her boost her own social standing, either within mortal society or Freehold politics.


Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Swimmerskin
Court: Spring (Vichy Spring)
Entitlements: None


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