Mark Stalwart

Immovable object.


Quote: “No way. Forget it.”

Background: Mark and his compatriot, Strong Matthew, escaped Arcadia together. They compliment each other so well that neither can imagine life without the other; a complex, hidden net of psychological checks and balances

They met John St. Elmo and Quiet Luke in the course of their work for the Summer Court, and quickly formed a motley with them. Since then, they have run errands and done odd jobs for the King of the City of Endless Summer, everything from harvesting Goblin Fruit to breaking the legs of those who betray the Crimson Court.

Description: Where his compatriot is sinewy muscle, Mark tends towards a huskier build. Many make the mistake of thinking that this means he is the less active, and therefore less dangerous, of the two. Like a sumo wrestler, Mark’s bulk serves to cushion him from most blows, and his added mass makes him nearly impossible to trip or throw. Mark’s head is shaved bald on top (likely to disguise premature hair loss), but his beard, which stretches from ear to ear, is thick and dark.

In his fae mien, Mark is a broad, stout-bodied troll, with skin the gray-green color of algae-covered stone, and his beard begins to resemble a wiry growth of thorny creepers, hiding in the dark beneath the ledge of his formidable chin.

Storytelling Hints: Mark is less hot-headed than Strong Matthew, but even more damnably stubborn. He tends to be a little more cautious, and keeps his distance from the action until it’s necessary for him to step in and start throwing his weight around.


Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Stonebones
Court: Summer
Entitlements: None
Motley: The Apostolic Knights

Mark Stalwart

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