Marie Saint-Saëns

Ensorcelled hooker from Little Haiti


Quote: “Bon soire, m’seui. Cherchez-vous pour un good time?”


Description: Marie is an attractive young woman, with full, plump lips and large, dark eyes. Her hair is often teased up into an improbable configuration which adds several inches to her height, and her choice of clothing in her personal life isn’t all that different from what she wears when she’s out on the corner.

Storytelling Hints: Marie is mistrustful, and rightfully so, given her personal history and her profession. She knows more about fae politics that she cares to,


Marie didn’t necessarily know what she was getting into when Molorus, her pimp, offered to show her “how things really work”. Since being Ensorcelled, he has groomed her especially for his Lost clientele: as a mere mortal, she’s not a threat, but they don’t have to conceal their true natures when they’re around her, or explain away their odd behaviors, as they would with a mortal hooker.

Because her clients are often eager to drop their facades of normality when they’re around her, Marie knows a lot more about the seedy underbelly of changeling politics, even more than many actual members of the Freehold.

Marie Saint-Saëns

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