Hollerin' Pearl

Belligerent white-trash troublemaker



Background: Pearl is a self-described “mean-talkin’, hard-drinkin’, redneck, white-trash bitch with more mouth than sense.” She does not hide who she is from anyone, and anyone how suggest that she act differently will quickly find themselves on the receiving end of Pearl’s formidable wrath.

Description: Pearl is vary tall for a woman, standing at “five-foot-thirteen,” and weighing more than most men. Her muscles are not large, but she has great stamina and a dogged, wiry strength.

Storytelling Hints: Pearl likes to get in the first shot in her fight, reasoning that if you kill with the first strike, you save yourself the energy of the second. To that end, she prefers to attack with a cold iron fireplace poker, typically rushing in under cover fire from Letitia until she can get close enough to “get good and acquainted” with her foes.


Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Cyclopean (?)
Court: Summer
Entitlements: None
Motley: The Kindly Ones

Hollerin' Pearl

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