Helen Mizuda

Gothic lolita who turns her own rarity into social power.


Quote: “Kawaii desu!"


Description: Helen is a petite woman, but she seems to fill a room as soon as she enters it. her chestnut hair falls straight from the crown of her head to her shoulders, interrupted only by her pale, heart-shaped face. She seems to be smirking all the time, as if laughing at a joke that others do not know is being made. Her skin is as flawless as new-fallen snow, and her voice is a soft giggle, muted as if by heavy snow.

Her exuberant personality seems somewhat at odds with her Court, but those who think her foolish and easy to manipulate often find that she is far colder and more calculating than they had given her credit for.

Her favorite source of Glamour is the broken hearts of those who thought her a true friend, and a guaranteed presence at their social gathering.

Storytelling Hints: Helen knows better than most Fairest that familiarity breeds contempt. Her power comes from the fact that she attends so few social gatherings, arrives fashionably late, and never stays long. Perversely, this makes her the hottest commodity of the social scene, and no party, from keggers to black-tie events, is considered complete unless the elusive Helen makes an appearance.


Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Mirrorskin
Court: Winter
Entitlements: Bacchanalian Jester

Helen Mizuda

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