Granny Smythe

Pathologically generous herbalist.


Quote: “Eat up, now, hear? Y’all too skinny.”

Background: An old woman even when the Trident was founded, Granny Smythe was Isabel Espina‘s mentor and advisor from the earliest days of her reign. When Grandfather Thunder made his coup, Isabel’s abuelita knew where her loyalties laid. Though she was more frail than she used to be, Granny followed her protégé into the Everglades, though she knew it might mean her death.

Granny Smythe has proven an invaluable part of the Court of True Spring: her medical and herbal expertise are second-to-none, and without her knowledge of Goblin Fruits, it is unlikely that the Court could survive in the harsh Everglades, or the harsher Hedge which surrounds them.

Granny has recently taken the fresh-from-the-Thorns Rosita under her wing, and is teaching her how to tend the Goblin Fruit gardens.

Description: In both Mask and mien, Granny Smythe’s face is as wrinkled and dark as a raisin. Though not an imposing woman, she radiates kindness and generosity, and instantly puts all who encounter her at ease.

Storytelling Hints: If Granny has one flaw, it’s her generosity. She cannot bear to see another person suffer, and will insist on helping them, even if it means that her own resources (or the resources of her Court) will be dangerously depleted as a result.


Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Woodwalker
Court: Spring (True)
Entitlements: None

Granny Smythe

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