Hedge-dwelling parasites that feed on Glamour


Lurking in the warm, dark water of the Hedge, burrowbloats attach themselves to their unsuspecting hosts by the dozen. Their victims often don’t even feel the burrowbloats’ presence, thanks to the powerful anesthetic which the burrowbloats secrete. Noticing a swarm of burrowbloats latch onto one’s body requires a Wits + Survival roll.

Once attached, burrowbloats are notoriously difficult to remove (Dexterity + Survival/Medicine). These attempts are made at a -2 for the burrowbloats’ slippery nature. For every hour that burrowbloats are attached to a Changeling or Ensorcelled mortal, each one steals away one point of Glamour.


The saliva of the burrowbloats is prized by potion-makers and healers for it anesthetic properties, as well as by poisoners and other unsavory characters, for exactly the same reason.


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