Alexandre Corbeau

Haitian street-urchin turned Scarecrow Minister.


Quote: “It would appear zat we are on ze same side, n’est pas?”

Background: Growing up on the streets of Port-au-Prince, young Alexandre had real-life bogeymen to watch out for: the hyper-violent terrorist militia known as Tonton Macoute (itself named after a boogeyman from Creole folklore) was known to pillage, rape, and burn their way through the countryside, but small cells were known to roam the cities, “liberating” supplies to fund their endless war with the legitimate government.

One night, Tonton Macoute set fire to the slums where young Alexandre lived, and when they saw a small boy fleeing the scene, they gave chase. Fleeing deeper and deeper into the twisting maze of alleyways, Alexandre and his pursuers came face-to-face with the real Tonton Macoute, who made quick work of the latter, and absconded with the former back to Arcadia.

Alexandre spent his teen years moving through oppressive jungles and rugged mountains, crossing leech-infested rivers and fighting off stinging insects with a band of other boys his own age, waging constant guerrilla warfare with unknown factions, under a cold night sky that never grew light. It was often unclear whether they were the hunters or the hunted, but Tonton Macoute drove them mercilessly, and without reprieve.

After some years, a mutiny finally succeeded, Tonton Macoute was overthrown, and the boys scattered into the darkness, each seeking a home he barely remembered. After he emerged onto the once-familiar streets of Port-au-Prince, Alexandre realized that too much time had passed in his absence: his hometown was no more familiar to him than any town. Unable to bear the disparity between his memories and reality, Alexandre left Haiti for New Orleans, where he soon became fast friends with another young man, who called himself Ezekiel…

Description: Alexandre is a tall man, and fairly strong, but moves quietly, with a subtle gracefulness. However, his conversation is anything but quiet: he is very fond of filthy jokes, loud partying, and raucous carousing. His skin is so deeply black it’s almost blue, and when he smiles, it looks almost like a crescent moon rising in a starless night sky.

For his work in the Scarecrow Ministry, Alexandre has adopted the persona of the voodoo loa known as Baron Samedi. His version of the Entitlement’s Token (the Bugbear’s Mask), is actually not a mask at all, but traditional voodoo skull facepaint. It takes a few seconds to apply, and requires a mirror to do so accurately, but once applied, it cannot be removed by another, and it can never be lost or stolen.

Storytelling Hints: While not a well-educated man, Alexandre is wily, and a canny judge of character. He knows what a person’s buttons are, and how to press them, though he’s cognizant of the fact that one catches more flies with honey than vinegar, and you catch more still with a little rum.

Alexandre’s accent becomes thicker when he’s angry, and he prefers to swear in French rather than English, saying it’s more fun to “sully” the language of which “true” Frenchmen are so insufferably proud (“It’s like wiping your ass with silk.”) He is very fond of rum and cigarillos, and is almost always seen imbibing one or the other, and frequently both.


Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Gravewight
Court: Autumn
Entitlement: The Scarecrow Ministry
Motley: The Brotherhood of the Willow

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 1, Wits 3, Resolve 2
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 3
Mental Skills: Investigation 2, Occult (Voodoo) 2
Physical Skills:Larceny 2, Stealth (moving in darkness) 3, Weaponry (walking stick) 2
Social Skills: Expression 2, Intimidation 2, Persuasion (Party on!) 1, Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 3
Merits: Mantle (Autumn) 2, Token (Bugbear’s Mask) 3, Charnel Sight
Willpower: 5
Morality: 6
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Pride
Initiative: +6
Defense: +3
Speed: 10
Health: 7
Wyrd: 3
Contracts: Darkness 1, Fleeting Autumn 4, Eternal Autumn 2, Fair Entrance 2
Glamour/per turn: 11/3

Type Damage Range Dice Pool Special
Brawl 1B n/a 1 n/a
Cane 2B n/a 6 n/a

Alexandre Corbeau

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