The War of Summer's Ending

Chapter 19 - Whorefrost

Naamah tells the Brotherhood of the Willow that Isabel Espina is “being impossible”; the queen is holding up the entire operation and making Naamah’s life very difficult by holding up the entire operation with a search for “some lost chit of a girl who didn’t make it to the rendezvous-point. Name’s ‘Rose’ or something.”

The members of True Spring who are still at the University are making their dwellings ready for habitation. Isabel Espina is their too, with Selena, and much of her entourage. She tells them that Rosita hasn’t been seen since the firefight at Mariposa’s. The other half of her two-man-cell, Cedric the Satyr, turned up at the City Morgue, but they don’t have any leads on Rosita’s wherabouts. All they know is that the route they were taking would probably have brought them through Little Haiti.

The Brotherhood piles into Jack’s car and head’s for Little Haiti, where Alexandre introduces them to Old Ti, the aged, nearsighted, Ensorcelled vodouisant with whom Alex has been staying for the past months. Ti doesn’t remember seeing anyone matching Rosita’s description (not that that proves much), but he tells them Ludovic Larouche, the Winter Court police officer whose beat is Little Haiti, might have a better idea.

Officer Larouche has a vague recollection, but says that Marie St. Saens, an Ensorcelled mortal hooker has a fondness for runaways, so the Brotherhood decides to knock on her door. They wind up running into her while she’s out getting groceries, and they ask her about Rosita. Marie is not forthcoming with information, and she clams up a little too quickly for Jack’s liking. Jim stalks her to her house to see if there’s anything funny going on, and when she knocks on the door of her apartment, it’s answered by none other than Rosita! The girl appears to be unharmed, and she’s sporting flip-flops, jean-shorts, a t-shirt… and a touch of hoarfrost on her curly, vine-like hair.


Hoarfrost? More like wh….oh the joke’s been made. I see what ya did there….

Chapter 19 - Whorefrost