The War of Summer's Ending

Chapter 11: The Heart of the Matter

Stunned by the realization that the Autumn Queen is working with the Slender Man, the motley simply stares for several seconds, glancing uneasily from Naamah to the Slender Man and back again. The first and most obvious question is, of course, “Why?”

“Because he makes a very effective tool, in the right hands. Make no mistake, fear is a weapon, and one I intend to turn against Grandfather Thunder. For too long, the wheel of the seasons has not turned, and the old Pledges which guard our Freehold are weakened as long as we do not give each season its’ due. The harvest moon hangs high, and the winds of All-Hallows’ Eve are nipping at Summer’s heels. Ezekiel has proven invaluable to me; he’s not only turned public opinion against a ruler who cannot stop the depredations of this mad Fae, he’s given us a bumper-crop of fearful Glamour to fuel an uprising against the Bloody Spear.”

Second, what is Naamah going to do with them now that they know her secret?