The War of Summer's Ending

Chaper 6: Le Ministre d'Épouvantail

The Scarecrow Minister

Place: Jay’s apartment
Time: Same

The Darkling who stepped out of the shadows introduces himself as Alexandre Corbeau, a fellow member of the Autumn Court, and a Scarecrow Minister. He apologizes for jumping out at them like he did; being caught alone in the basement was not an option, since he didn’t know who they were at first.

Alexandre says that he has been in Miami for a few weeks now, investigating the actions of the Slender Man on behalf of the Ministry. The Slender Man’s physical description is very similar to that of a reclusive Minister named Ezekiel, whom Alexandre knew from his days in “seminary”. Ezekiel was one of Alexandre’s few friends, though they grew apart after graduation. Alexandre wants to know if the thing people call the Slender Man is truly Ezekiel, and whether Ezekiel still lives.

Caden and Jack agree to take him with them, since he has valuable knowledge about the Ministry, which may help their investigation of the Bugbear’s Mask which was found on the fetch’s body. At this point, they hear the tread of several feet on the stairs, and turn to see the Apostolic Knights being led down the stairs by John St. Elmo, who summarily places them all under arrest and informs them that they will be taken before Grandfather Thunder for their involvement with this murder.

Jack, Caden, and Alexandre, being outnumbered, flee out the cellar door, as the Apostolic Knights enter the fray and John opens fire. Bursting out into the night, Jack reactivates his Contract of Vainglory, shouts “Shots fired! Officer down!”, and the three changelings continue running as police pour into the apartment.