The War of Summer's Ending

Chaper 3: The Slender Man Strikes Back

Trouble in the Barrio

Place: the barrio
Time: the following night

As darkness falls, Miguel’s gang contacts patrol the streets, on foot and by car, watching for any suspicious activity, and reporting back to Miguel by cellphone. Meanwhile, the motley prepares the Iglesia residence for defense, and conducts patrols of their own. In a few hours, the Slender Man makes his appearance, moving slowly, silently, down the curiously deserted streets of the barrio, making a beeline for Jose’s house.

The motley puts up a great struggle, and manages to keep Jose’s parents safe from harm, if not completely in the dark. The Slender Man makes it all the way up the front steps and into the porch before one of Miguel’s bullets finally brings him down. As the bullet passes through, his face begins to crack and fall away, even as the body crumbles into a pile of sticks, leaves and bits of string.

The thing that just attacked them was not a True Fae, or even a changeling at all, but a fetch.