The Trident, Freehold of Miami

Decadent, sun-drenched Miami, the Gateway to the Americas, is a city that epitomizes both the beauty and the darkness at the heart of Changeling: The Lost. From the neon-bedecked skyscrapers of downtown to the art-deco finery of South Beach and its endless nightclubs, Miami is one of the most beautiful cities in North America. And yet all that bright color hides a heart as dark and fetid as any city in the World of Darkness. Drugs flow in from South America, and the authorities are powerless to stop them. Poverty and crime are at obscene levels, and in the weird, candy-colored light of the neon, things alien and antithetical to humankind lurk. In the nearby Everglades, paths twist and wind between the mangroves, folding in on themselves and trapping the unwary in a swampy Hedge inhabited by ancient, crocodilian nightmares.

This is not the Miami you may know. This is the Miami of the World of Darkness, where all the problems of the real world are magnified and layered atop an ever-shifting foundation of madness and the occult. The surface details are similar, but like a funhouse mirror, the World of Darkness reflects a distorted version of the world we know. This is a city of excess in all respects: the rich are richer, the hard partiers party harder, and the desperate are full of even more desperation.

Bienvenidos a Miami.


The War of Summer's Ending

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